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Dress Code



Standard uniform top: polo-style knit shirt
Colors approved: white, grey, navy blue, black

Hale Middle School spirit shirts can be worn as an alternative to the polo style shirt.

Not Approved

Plain T-shirts, shirts with logos, shirts with wording, shirts with pictures, shirts with no collar.

Items that can be worn with the Polo Shirt (must be school colors only):

Crew-neck sweaters solid color only (no writing, only Hale JH logo), no pictures

Undershirts (t-shirts) – color of uniform shirt approved colors only

Sweaters – color of uniform shirt approved colors only

Hoodies – pullover or zip up, light windbreaker jackets (solid approved school colors only)



Bottoms: Pants (khaki, navy blue or black) jeans (no skin showing above the knees)

Bottoms can be pants, walking shorts, capris, skorts, skirts (must be at or below knees and can be worn with tights underneath).

Not Approved

Strictly Enforced: Jeggings, leggings, sweatpants, spandex of any kind, sagging, jeans with holes.


Backpacks: any type (they will be required to be put in assigned locker assigned at the start of 1st hour)

Belts: black or brown only

Footwear: CLOSED TOE SHOES ONLY. No sandals, flip flops, slides or high heels.

Hair Adornments: limited to school uniform colors

NOT ALLOWED: Facial piercings, hats, bandanas

Jackets, hoodies, and backpacks must be stored in lockers at the start of 1st hour. Lockers and locks are provided. A replacement fee of $5 will be charged for a lost lock. 


*Students are to be in proper uniform at all times while on campus, prior to entering the building and through departure.

*Any student leaving campus once dropped at school grounds is subject to disciplinary action.

*In order to maximize your student’s classroom experience we do not allow early check out after 4:00 p.m.  Please make arrangements for appointments before or after school.

*All absences are considered unexcused without documentation from an approved service provider.

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